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Good morning OBB. Now that we are selling a ton of off-season season tickets and recruiting is full swing, let’s check in at the Greentree. The Wake Up is the active recap of what’s going on at Discord-U. The Miami Hurricanes look to revamp a team coming of a 5-7 regular season.

the Greentree

Josh Gattis watch 2022 is still in effect. The overall consensus is just that of expectations and hurry the hell up already. Where most of the information we have received focuses on an obvious departure for the embattled OC, what Mario chooses is entirely up to him.

“Gattis is still employed.”

“Sure is.”

(NCR- Non Canes Related) Gainesville police arrested UF Quarterback Jalen Kitna on charges related to child pornography. The story has sent shockwaves throughout the state and made national headlines as well. Obviously a disturbing story/charges that if proves Kitna guilty, can have reprehensible damages.

CFP officials have been informed that the Rose Bowl has signed an agreement which will allow the College Football Playoff to expand. The playoff field will go to 12 teams in 2024 and 2025. The Miami Hurricanes have never made the College Football Playoff, this obviously increases their chances.

Recruiting Central

There was “supposed” to be a commit last night but it didn’t happen. The decision to put it off could have been something so simple as an editing delay. In the world of recruiting where anything goes, it typically does.

“I have heard of delays for less, sadly.” Leeds OBBL Recruiting Director

The latest predictions have Ruben Bain trending favorably to the Miami Hurricanes. I mean the kid’s nickname is Hurricane. It seems like this is a no brainer however I saw someone with an Auburn tattoo commit to Alabama once.

Hey @Leeds has there been flip traction on Aguero or has that ship sailed?

“By no means has that ship sailed. I did hear his name rather recently, apparently he has been in contact with Kam and is understandably impressed with how he has been playing. I don’t think it’ll be enough to flip him from UGA but we might be getting good news from UGA via the portal that will be of great help at DB so it’s not all a loss.”


Canes hoops improved to 7-1 after defeating Rutgers 68-61 in the ACCB1G Challenge. At one point the Hurricanes were down 11 in the second half but the boys came storming back. When Nijel Pack had a go ahead three with 24 seconds left in the game the crowd went bananas.

“Need our 3 ball to become more consistent but Ormier is a dog down low.”

“Need to be better with the ball, no excuse for some of the TOs that happened near the end of the game. Miller was huge with his off ball movement to score. If Pack is hitting this team is so much better offensively.” – Matty Ice OBBL Basketball Director

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  1. fraggle318 December 1, 2022 at 1:13 pm

    Anyone who watched Wes Unseld play has to see Ormier as a clone.

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