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Good morning OBB. Time for your Monday morning wake up call. Lots to cover over at Discord-U. The Portal is officially open and active today and the Hurricanes will look to revamp their roster overnight.

the Greentree

The NCAA Health and Safety committee has adjusted its threshold for its cannabinoid testing policies. In a recent memo from Dr. Brian Hainline, the NCAA’s chief medical officer. The NCAA will raise threshold levels in line with World Anti-Doping Agency from 35 to 150 nanograms per milliliter.

“Marijuana is not considered a performance-enhancing substance, but remains important for member schools to engage student-athletes regarding substance is prevention and provide management and support when appropriate.” -Dr. Brian Hainline NCAA Chief Medical Officer

Although not totally legal, the doorway has opened up with the increased level amounts required for a positive test.

“Recruiting with weed could technically be loss of institutional control.”

“That’s some BS.” -Toast.

The Greentree reacted to the news that Colorado made it official. Deion Sanders is the new head man and coach prime was unapologetic telling his current roster he comes with his own luggage. There is also a source at Colorado who says over 200 recruits and portal transfers have reached out. The allure of Coach Prime is real.

“Personally count me in as a Neon Deion fan I mean all these coaches do it, he just said it. I’m glad he’s far away from Miami and I can enjoy whatever happens without getting upset if he’s stealing recruits.”

Recruiting Central

The Miami Hurricanes obtained some commitments over the weekend. Fairborn (Ga.) Langston Hughes DL Joshua Horton flipped from UNC. And LB Marcellus Pulliam out of Sandy Creek, Georgia has also committed to the Miami Hurricanes. Pulliam chose the Canes over Louisville and Mississippi State.

In terms of the evaluation on Pulliam.

“Plays mean and supposedly loves football. He will be a special teams maven early on. Size is needed to be the thumper in run support. Think a Ja’Whaun Bentley type of the Patriots. Don’t want him in coverage. Solid player…..I think the fact they’re taking him tells you a lot about how they view that room.” -Lance Roffers OBBL X/O Director

Alabama offensive lineman Javion Cohen has entered the portal and interest is picking up from Miami. Rumblings that the Hurricanes are targeting a lot of SEC starters in the portal are true. The wide receiver position and DB position might take precedence but an offensive lineman of this caliber is someone you must entertain.

“So some very good news from Miami’s side of the portal; no one that Miami would want to stay is leaving. As for recruiting I would be shocked if we don’t end up with at least one more 5 star.” -Leeds OBB Recruiting Director.

X's and Ro

Pushed the Josh Gattis watch here. The offensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes is still not expected to be calling the plays in 2023. A decision more than likely is being pushed off to focus on recruiting with only critical weeks left until early NSD. Once the dead period happens expect more on this front.

My spirit animal Alex Golesh is off the market and heading to USF to be the head coach of the Bulls. His style of offense is in line with the direction I have wanted the Miami Hurricanes to go for essentially a decade. Not only is it an advantageous space monster and speed demon, but it’s incredibly creative in the red zone.

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