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Good morning OBB. This is your Wednesday morning wake up call. Discord-U is in full session because it’s an annual affair. Portal news is dominating the Miami Hurricane stratosphere and Mario Cristobal and company will essentially have a brand new looking team in 2023. Today we will focus all of our time over at the Greentree.

the Greentree

Jaylan “Rooster” Knighton was the leading running back for the Hurricanes in 2021. He had over 800 combined yards and 11 touchdowns however the rooster has left the coup. Knighton is now one of 14 players who have entered their name into the portal.

The sophomore running back had a down year in 2022 that was plagued with fumbles and saw a notable production drop. Rooster had 77 rushing attempts in 2022 which was a sharp decline from the 145 attempts he had in 2021. Could the one time FSU commit suit up for a rival next season?

“How many games did he cost us? At least one. Maybe even 2. Super athletic. Just couldn’t kick the fumbles.”

“I can express that the staff thought he was “ok” at the beginning of the season. Nothing great although he showed some big play potential last year. He’ll find a home. Wish him well. Only 40% find homes in the portal by statistics. But he’ll find a home.”-Roman Marciante OBBL Managing Editor 

Jordan Miller and wide receiver Romello Brinson also threw their names into the proverbial portal hat. Miller recorded 60 tackles and three sacks in his Miami career and Brinson finished with 14 receptions and 189 receiving yards in two seasons with the Canes.

“Jordan Miller to the portal. Do we have 3 DT’s left? Gonna have to go 1-5-5 defense at this rate.” -John Michaels OBBL Contributor and Host of OBB fins.

Miami introduced its proposed Football Operations Center which will include entities such as offices for all football personnel, player locker rooms, a gym, team meeting rooms, alumni lounge, rehab and treatment, photo studio and our personal favorite, podcast rooms. The supposed 6 story addition is set to be built right next to the IPF.

This endeavor has been in the works for a while and the completion time is set to be done within two years. (Baring any major setbacks) The City of Coral Gables will now need to stamp its approval for the new center of football operations but this is a huge addition to the facilities facelift at Miami.

“That’s some Alabama level shit.”

“OBB getting their own spot in the new building?”

Also in terms of Josh Gattis. Despite a local publication stating he would return as OC this year for the Hurricanes, we are still hearing that is not the case. The offensive line was not a strength for the team in 2022 however the problems were way beyond just that position group’s dysfunction.

“I understand Mario is hyper focused on recruiting but this has to stop. He needs to move more swiftly in putting in his new OC because Gattis does not have ANY player committed because of him. It’ll actually be a net positive. The only recruit who was a “Gattis commit” was Rashada and he’s already gone. -Simon Valcin OBBL Contributor. 

Other staff move rumblings are out there and Discord-U is staying in the mix. Could there be a potential where DVD takes a more prominent on-field role within the program? Is Kevin Steele’s position also in question?

Finally, thoughts and prayers are going out in behalf of former Miami Hurricane head coach Mark Richt. The current college football analyst for the ACC Network and ESPN was taking a developmental drug that is designed to help Parkinson’s.

Join the discussion today and be part of Discord-U. The OBB Legend is its exclusive home and we will put a welcome mat out for you. (Quotes were provided from Discord-U) #staydangerous #BANG

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