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This is your Thursday morning wake up call. (We hit snooze once or twice) Discord-U is in full swing and the subject is a class called the offseason. A portal transfer finds a home with a rival and the Miami Hurricanes are making a huge recruiting push towards early signing day. Let’s go.

the Greentree

Former Miami Hurricanes defensive tackle Darrell Jackson committed to that team in Tallahassee. This was the move Discord-U anticipated and the transfer rules (although more lenient) almost guaranteed a move within the state. We will still maintain the loss of Jackson was an impact and Florida State has a formidable option for their defensive line in 2023.


“I fully support him. I hope he loses every game but I won’t ever bad mouth a guy for making a decision based on their mother.”

Lou Hedley has officially declared for the NFL draft. Hedley thanked the program and wished the Hurricanes well. Lou the shoe was on the 2022 Ray Guy watchlist for best punter in the country. The thunder from down under had a phenomenal career and his story captured the fanbase and much of the nation.

“It’s Mario’s fault he ran out of eligibility.”

Former Florida coach Dan Mullen will not become South Carolina’s next offensive coordinator. While the Josh Gattis watch has fully garnered Discord-U’s attention, replacement options have become a fun topic of discussion.

On Full Ride, an ESPNU radio show on Sirius XM, Mullens fully denied the USCe position. “They do have an offensive coordinator job open, and they are going to hire a great one….It’s just not going to be me.”

“He’s waiting for Mario to call.” – Toast

“I hope not. I don’t think Mario would hire Mullen because he doesn’t like to recruit.”

“He can get back at UF in 2 years.”

“Oh my goodness. South Carolina went from getting Mullen to being saddled with Loggains? Truly one of the worst OC’s in NFL history. He’s been fired after one year several times. Was attached at the hip with Adam Gase.” –Lance Roffers OBBL X/O Director

In terms of Gattis, at a recent Broyles Award ceremony, he joked that he ran his young son’s playbook while at Miami this past season. While the offense was anemic under the offensive coordinator, understandably the jokes are not being received well over at Discord-U.

“It’s abundantly clear that the offense he “ran” at Michigan is still doing just fine without him. Seems like we keep getting the one who gets the credit for the offense but not the one in charge of the offense. I miss Lashlee.”

“It sounded like a shot at the talent and football IQ level of the offensive players he had on the roster not just the OL.”

Recruiting Central

Cormani McClain is dominating the halls of Discord-U’s recruiting central channel. Despite initial reports that the #1 2023 cornerback in the country was set to visit Alabama, maybe some things in that direction have cooled. Of course schools will continue to push for the services of McClain who is a potential day one starter. The fight for his signature is sure to remain fierce.

“Ro we may have dodged a bullet with McClain but this sort of mentality will start hurting us both in recruiting and in portal.” -Leeds OBB Recruiting Director

Hard Woodies

The Hurricanes had 14 turnovers in a high scoring 107-105 win over Cornell. Cornell obviously runs an offense that scores a ton of points and is hard to prepare for. Cornell was 12/36 from three which was down from their 40% average on the year. Nevertheless, the Canes are now 9-1 on the season and continue to amass impressive wins.

“We didn’t play D. Lucky we won.” -Matty Ice. OBB Hoops Director

“Defense is awful tonight, Coach L is pissed for sure.”

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