The Wake Up

Good morning OBB. This is your Monday morning wake up call. So much transpired over the weekend. The Miami Hurricanes are approaching the Early Signing Day period with so much momentum. The 2023 class is approaching unprecedented territory and we are here for it. First up, let’s talk about the great wall of Mirabal.

the Greentree

Javion Cohen made it official and has committed to the University of Miami. The 6’5″ 295 pound interior offensive lineman from Phenix City, Alabama makes way from the Crimson Tide. Cohen never gave up a sack in over 1600 snaps in his University of Alabama career.

OBBL X/O Professor Lance Roffers had an in depth breakdown of the highly touted transfer inside the classroom of Discord-U:

  • “Watched the game of Alabama-Tennessee to watch Cohen extensively. Tyler Booker was a 5-star recruit from IMG. #52 is the freshman that some of their fans referred to. #52 does come into the game at both guard spots and played several series in this game.”
  • “To me, that was an opportunity to compare the two. #70 is Cohen and is clearly the better player currently. Cohen is better on the move than #52 and better at identifying games up front and communicating.”
  • “Areas that Cohen can sometimes get out of whack is with quickness inside. (which is generally the issue for guards) He also is a stout player overwhelmingly so. Miami got an All-ACC LG of some team. Probably not 1st team, but one of the teams. His ability to block in space and hit littles is another area Miami struggled.”

Continuing along the offensive line, Samson Pancake Honcho Okunlola also committed to the University of Miami on Friday. And this pickup is huge for several reasons. Despite the obvious in size, Okunlola stands in at 6-5 and weighs 305 pounds, but this marks the second OBB Five Orange recruit for the Hurricanes in the 2023 class.

The offensive line is set to be revamped seemingly overnight with the additions of fellow five star Francis Mauigoa, Samson Okunlola, Tommy Kinsler, Frankie Tinilau and Javion Cohen.

“So Pancake weighs 305?”

“We eating Pancakes MOFUCKA”

“One thing the staff did not consider is how much of an impact and the number of heads that Rueben (Bain) has been able to turn…Samson was anticipated and his pull is massive, but Reuben’s, at least locally, is even bigger. He’s viewed as a mythical figure right now among even the top elite players of South Florida for both 23 and 24-26.” -Leeds

As the the overnight transformation begins, the recent transfer exodus also shows a former Hurricane in sheep’s skin. John Campbell took his official visit to the Florida State Seminoles. Campbell was the 17th transfer at the time and the 320 pound former LT entered the portal seeking a sixth year. Of note, Ryan Ragone didn’t like Campbell’s new choice in wardrobe.

“Ragone can stay. LOL”

American Heritage seems to be ok these days. What used to be considered a vex in terms of Hurricanes recruitment is no longer. Running back Mark Fletcher also committed over the weekend. The 6-1 225 every down back now joins Dillard speedster Christopher Johnson as the 2023 talented running backs committed to Mario Cristobal and company.

As the Miami Hurricanes currently sit with a top 3 class, the rivals aren’t happy. Just ask them. The only reason the Hurricanes are recruiting this well is because they have bags. Lots of them. John Ruiz is public enemy number one and the NIL touting Miami Hurricane alumni has been unapologetic and bold. The 305 is in a current flood watch, so be careful of the free flowing rival tears.

“There is a Prime 112 in Gainesville, but they call it Outback.”

“My wife is a UF fan and I have to hide my celebrations when they get shit news. And this is shit news for them.”

“I still would take Rashada again just to spite UF”

Recruiting Central

Miami commit LB Bobby Washington is now a 247 composite four star and the Blue Chip ratio is on the rise. Washington’s reclassification now makes 17 out of the 26 commits that rank four stars (oranges) or higher. Bobby now joins brother Robby as  four star prospects out of Miami Palmetto. The Hurricanes currently also have three five star recruits.

“Hey now he’s good.”

Former class of 2022 #1 recruit in the nation and previous FSU commit ATH Travis Hunter Jr. has expectedly entered the portal. Where the obvious destination is to land back in prime time’s lap, the Miami Hurricanes have emerged for at least some consideration. What could be considered a surprise to some might just be a Monday for Mario. -Simon

“Would be shocked if he didn’t end up in Boulder. That said he may test the NIL market.”

“I would say FSU has no shot with his buddy McCall bolting from there already.”

“Well that’s out of the bag. Damn it, can we PLEASE have one good portal surprise?” -Leeds

OBB Fins

The Dolphins are currently in a good spot to land in the playoffs despite the loss on the snowy road to the Buffalo Bills Saturday Night. The 32-29 loss became more manageable after the Jets lost to the Lions. Hey big ups to the motor city kitty’s who have won five out of their last six games.

The Dolphins next host the Green Bay Packers on Christmas day then follow up with back to back AFC rivals. The Patriots first and a pivotal final regular season game vs. the New York Jets at Hard Rock Stadium. Will Mike McDaniel lead the Fins to the playoffs in year one of his head coaching career? Stay tuned.

“Only knock on McDaniel is we need to run a little more.”

“He needs to learn to grind games better when you’re the underdog like this.”

“Josh Allen not having the ball is the best Josh Allen.” -Lance Roffers

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