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Good morning OBB. This is your Monday morning wake up call. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated the holidays with loved ones. And if you scrooge’d it, that is ok too. We won’t judge. The offseason is still in full swing. So why don’t we head on over to the Greentree. #LETSGO! Wake up.

the Greentree

When Friday came an went, Lakeland high school cornerback Cormani McClain never signed his letter of intent with the University of Miami. The rumors of why were rampant and ranged from NIL hiccups, high school transfer hitches, grades, you name it. The one thing that is still constant in the equation however, is Miami’s confidence.

The Hurricanes have reportedly been in constant communication with McClain’s camp and have resolved on their end what needed to be resolved. McClain is not intending to be an early enrollee despite initial reports. February will be the target signing date and McClain is still listed as committed in Miami’s class.

“I assure you, if he was signing with Florida or Alabama, we wouldn’t be aware of any of this. Miami plays with a stacked deck.” -Leeds

Recruiting Central

Now that the bulk of the 2023 class is in, the shift can start to focus a little onto 2024.  The University of Miami made the top five for the Five Orange prospect from Chaminade-Madonna in Joshua “Jojo” Trader. Trader is listed as the 11th best prospect in the country per 247.

Jojo’s primary recruiter is listed as Demarcus Van Dyke and not position coach Josh Gattis. The initial feeling within Discord-U is that Trader is trending towards Miami’s way. The 6-1.5 170 pound Trader also listed Ohio State, Florida State, Florida and Tennessee in his top 5.

“You can lock Jojo Trader in as long as we have an improved offense next year. From the horse’s mouth; He’s in love with Miami, he just wants to see the kind of offense we are promising him. So if we don’t shit the bed? Cane.” -Leeds

X's and Ro

The channel has focused primarily on the roles of the incoming players and who will be the replacement for Josh Gattis. One breakdown inside the walls of Discord-U was that of recently signed Riley Williams. The 6-6 240 pound IMG tight end product will look to carry on the tradition of Tight End U.

  • At the moment, he’s a big WR. They (IMG) aligned him as an X quite often and ran their offense through him. 6-6, 240 runs a 4.7 type right now. He’s linear and needs to learn to get into his routes better. Right now he’s a screen, seam, red zone receiver. -Lance Roffers


“I see him much more Gesicki than Kittle.” –Lance Roffers

“You should look at Gesicki testing. He was the 1 of 1 at TE prior to this year when Jelani Woods surpassed him.” Lance Roffers.

OBB Fins

The mood was somber. The Dolphins lost again after Tua Tagovailoa threw his third interception of the game. A perplexing pick in which Tagovailoa seemingly overthrew his intended receiver and found the arms of Packer cornerback Jaire Alexander.

What was more impressive about the Packer’s win, was Alexander’s recount of the interception that ultimately sealed the Dolphin’s fate. This is must listen material and immediately should be put in the instant classic category. The Dolphins look to rebound vs. the New England Patriots next as their playoff hopes balance in the wind.

Join the discussion today and be part of Discord-U. The OBB Legend is its exclusive home and we will put a welcome mat out for you. (Quotes were provided from Discord-U) #staydangerous #BANG. Wake up.

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  1. Christopher Cabrera December 27, 2022 at 9:27 am

    Ro, I have been paying attention the past couple of weeks. This article mentioned Gattis’ replacement. Did he get relived of duties??

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