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Good morning from the Orange Bowl Boys. This is your Tuesday morning wake up call. The Miami Hurricanes fandom is still puffing up over a top five class and the offseason is in full swing. It is time to head over to the Greentree and catch up with everything that is going on over at Discord-U. #LETSGO! Wake up!

the Greentree

It is amazing to see how after a successful recruiting class that landed Miami in the top 5, rivals point to Texas A&M as an absolute barometer. The Aggies recent unsuccessful season has nothing to do with the potential future success, or failure for that matter, for the Hurricanes.

In many cases Texas A&M was an anomaly especially when you consider how many players have now entered the portal. The Aggies lead the nation in most P5 scholarship players in the transfer portal in 2022-23 with 24 total.

  1. Texas A&M 24
  2. Florida 22
  3. Arkansas 21
  4. Arizona 20
  5. Miami 18

Miami’s recruiting class was a home run coming off the back of a 5-7 season. Despite the off field product being particularly bad, the Hurricanes have the best recruiting class in the state and by a far margin. The Hurricanes will now look to find impact talent at key positions to revamp the 2023 roster and beyond. Two independent aspects are capable of standing alone on their own two feet.

“Alabama recruits consistently in the top 5 and wins. Of course that doesn’t mean the Canes will win. But the Aggies losing last year means the #canes will lose?”-Roman

X's and Ro

Why hasn’t Josh Gattis been relieved of his duties yet? That is the prevailing topic within the walls of Discord-U and the question is dominating the X’s and Ro channel. The latest is that we still expect the former Broyles Award winner to be relieved of his duties and that stance hasn’t changed. What has transpired is potentially why the hold up.

A potential buyout figure is still looming large and varying reports of the actual years to be bought out and the exact dollar amount vary. (The University of Miami being a private institution are not under any salary reporting requirements and do not need to disclose their financials in this matter) Is this hold up hurting the Miami Hurricanes in terms of portal acquisitions? Why not make the move now?

I would maintain that it is too early to tell until the final 2023 roster is solidified. This includes portal transfers up until the start of the 2023 season. The whispers of staff shake ups didn’t effect the Hurricanes necessarily on Early Signing Day. Staffs will always miss on a “guy” or “two” but a top five class is a top five class.

So as the Hurricanes look to shift from the talent acquisition phase to the recruiting free agency phase, (the portal) the confidence should remain high. If a 5-7 season didn’t hurt the Hurricanes enroute to a top 5 class, the potential of a new OC shouldn’t be an automatic disqualifier for the Hurricanes to fill the needs of the team via the portal.

“I would like to know why Mario didn’t relieve him of play calling in the season. Ponce could not have been worse at play calling.”

“It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Fire him, pay him and get someone in here who isn’t a waste of money. Just do it.”

OBB Fins

Tua Tagovailoa was placed back into the concussion protocol for the second time this year. The Dolphins are still vying for a playoff spot and look to travel on the road this week to play the New England Patriots in Foxborough. The Fins are 8-7 and the Patriots are 7-8 so this game is monumental towards future playoff considerations.

The betting line initially showed the Dolphins favored by 2 points however the line flipped to the Patriots being favored 2.5 points after the Tagovailoa injury news. The Dolphins starter will need to clear all protocols and clear the various symptoms he demonstrated before being active in this week’s game.

“He needs to just take the season off. And that O-line needs to get stacked with rotating talent. He’s good but his brain is fragile.”

“He needs a silly concussion helmet.”

Join the discussion today and be part of Discord-U. The OBB Legend is its exclusive home and we will put a welcome mat out for you. (Quotes were provided from Discord-U) #staydangerous #BANG. Wake up. Wake up.

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