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Good morning Canes fans from your local neighborhood OBB’s. This is your Monday morning wake up call. Happy New Year from our family to yours and let’s see what 2023 will bring. Should we head on over to the Greentree? #Letsgo! Wake up!

the Greentree

Recent transfer Javion Cohen had high praise for his new head coach. The former Alabama starter who didn’t give up a sack in over 1600 snaps was the number one offensive lineman in the portal. And he wasn’t shy about letting the world know who was the number one in terms of his recruitment. Recently Cohen had this to say from his social media account.

“Out of every opportunity I had entering the portal, the opinions about Coach Cristobal, followed up by the experience of being around him made the decision for me. Yes, he cares about winning, every coach does, but he also cares about building a relationship with your son. RARE!.” 

Coach Mario Cristobal hasn’t been shy about what he feels is the key to his recruiting prowess. It is a relentless attitude combined with the wholesale belief in being real in your relationships.

“Not if you don’t buy in mentally of physically.”

A Miami coach is under fire. After a disappointing season for the Hurricanes, which many fans attribute to the inability to score points, fans have been vocal about wanting change. Offensive coordinator Josh Gattis has taken the liberty of blocking many Miami Hurricane fans via Twitter. The response to him doing so has been mixed.

Heavy is head that wears the crown and when the former Broyles Award winner’s offense averaged 19 points per game vs power 5 competition, fans have incessantly let him know. Gattis is well within his right to filter what he sees and limit the animosity received, but Hurricane fans want better. Fans typically do.

Where do you stand on this? On one hand this business is a tough one. Should a coach just admit some responsibility for once (even internally), mute discretely and move on? Or do they openly broadcast blocking someone and send the message that is more openly defiant?

Previous examples of coaches going on massive blocking sprees have typically ended with a coach not being retained. Dan Enos, Mark D’Onofrio and Manny Diaz come to mind.

“LOL I heard he was blocking everybody.”

“If he could only teach his OL to block.”

“Maybe he’s blocking all the Miami people because he won’t be needing to interact with Miami people soon!”

Hard Woodies

The Hurricanes men’s basketball team definitely got their wake up call. The start to the 2022-23 season is off to an emphatic and hot start. The Canes recently beat Notre Dame enroute to a 13-1 start. Nijel Pack was on fire. The Pack attack was ruthlessly efficient in his home state going 5-8 from three and 8-13 from the field.

Number 14 Miami beat the Fighting Irish on the road 76-65 and kudos are in order for milestone achievers Norchad Omier and Isaiah Wong.  With 889 points in ACC action, Wong passed Jack McClinton to break the program record. And Omier scored his 1000th career point during the Notre Dame contest. Big ups boys.

“Welcome to the party, Pack!”

“Pack is on fire.”

“Has Miami ever had this good of a start Matty?”

“Back in 2010 but don’t ask me how the rest of that season went LOL.” -Matty Ice

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