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Good morning sunshine. This is your OBB Monday morning wake up call. I am pretty sure no one loves Mondays but the grind doesn’t stop. The Miami Hurricanes built up some depth in the trenches over the weekend. So let’s head on over to the Greentree and find out who shall we. #Letsgo! Wake Up.

the Greentree

UCF transfer Matt Lee committed to the Miami Hurricanes. The 6-4 295 pound Lee was the firth transfer to pick the Miami Hurricanes and graded out as the third-best offensive center in 2022 according to PFF.

Lee posted a 90.6 pass blocking grade and a 80.6 run blocking grade. This far and away boasted better 2022 productivity than the incumbent Jakai Clark. Clark, who was considered the Hurricanes starter, didn’t reach over a 60 grade in either category according to PFF.

The Hurricanes have been unapologetically unafraid to tackle the depth and talent issue along the offensive line. The any means necessary approach via recruiting saw the additions of Five Orange prospects Francis Mauigoa, Samson Okunlola and portal transfers Matt Lee and Javion Cohen.

The O-line will no doubt be revamped. After offensive line coach Alex Mirabal famously quoted that he would chop off his limbs before having a bad offensive line, the Hurricanes apparently acquired him cybernetic implants. Four Orange transfer prospects Lee and Cohen will look to factor in big ways in 2023.

“You have to prove your worth first, Jakai That’s kind of the point.”

“I am a firm believer you have to win the trenches before you can win games.”

Darrell Jackson flirted with returning to Miami after committing to FSU. In an odd twist of fate, there were reports of Jackson wanting to stay in Miami after the recent decision to head north. Jackson publicly stated the transfer was due to a sick family member. However on his Instagram account last night, Jackson declared he would enroll at FSU.

This is the third school in three years for the 6-6 320-pound Jackson who was at Maryland before Miami. In 2022, the former Hurricane DT ended with 27 tackles, 4.5 TFL and three sacks. The Miami Hurricanes did not want to lose his services and will look to replace his production via the portal.

“So far (FSU) fans say he would be the 3rd best DT on their team, but he’d be the best DT on Miami.”

“Number one is true about being third best for them. At Miami, Leonard Taylor is in his money year and expects a big year before NFL.” – Lance Roffers

Recruiting Central

Wake up. Leeds recently spoke to the channel and had this to add in regards to the portal. “Also I got to talk to one of the WRs who was considering Miami from the portal and when I asked why he decided to go where he did, and not Miami, his response was pretty interesting; I don’t know who my position coach is at the U.”

“No one is thinking Gattis returns but in a way that’s actually worse because right now, in their eyes, we don’t have an OC or a WR coach. We have a DL coach, we have an OL coach, we have at least one DB coach, that’s where we are finding our successes.”

“I hope they get one. (WR) I don’t want them to waste another year of TVD.”

“But the correct scheme can make a Harley that guy for us.”

Sports Talk

Prayers for Damar Hamlin. Hamlin has made a remarkable recovery and is actively communicating with his team and fans. His doctors have stated he is progressing as well as can be expected considering the circumstances. This is a complete turn around and his breathing tube has since been removed.

The outpouring of prayer and love for Hamlin across the NFL and social media avenues was astronomical. The Orange Bowl Boys would like to continually pray for the health and recovery of Damar Hamlin and praise the first responders who were instrumental in saving his life.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen had this to say when he found out the irony of the last Bill’s kickoff touchdown. The Bills scored on an opening kick off return vs. the New England Patriots during their contest on January 8th.

And former high school teammate of Demar and current Colts safety Rodney Thomas II had a touching tribute after his interception vs. the Houston Texans.

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