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Good morning sunshine. This is your Tuesday morning wake up call from your local neighborhood OBB’s. The national championship was a snooze fest so this wake up call is desperately needed. The Miami Hurricanes added some more beef in the trenches and the Greentree knows who. #Letsgo! Wake up!

the Greentree

The Hurricanes added the 36th best past rushing interior linemen yesterday. This of course is according to PFF and covers all returning 2023 players. The former Purdue Boilermaker Branson Deen was the sixth player to transfer to the Hurricanes this cycle.

Deen recorded 54 tackles, 13.5 TFL and 5.5 sacks in 22 games dating back the past two seasons. Deen was also a three year starter for Purdue. He is a pressure producing machine who fits an area of need especially with Darrell Jackson enrolling to FSU yesterday.

Standing in at 6-2 290 pounds, the former ALL Big Ten selection is ranked as the #2 ranked DL in the ON3 transfer portal rankings. This was a nice pickup for coach Mario Cristobal who has now nabbed 5/6 transfer blue chips via the portal.

“I think he just quoted Jeez from “Bang” off TM101″

“Was he even alive when that released?”

“Deen had 34 pressures and 16 run stops. A 16.2% pass rush win rate is solid. Much better than Darrell Jackson.” -Lance Rofferes

Former Oregon WR Dont’e Thornton has committed to Tennessee. The 6-5 205 pound wide out was one of the top available wide receiver targets in the portal. Thornton took a visit to Miami and had a prior relationship with Mario Cristobal. Simply put, this is a big miss for the Hurricanes.

The Volunteers boasted something last year the Miami Hurricanes simply could not. An explosive offense. With the elite deep threat now picking Tennessee the attention once again focuses on Josh Gattis who is the catalyst for the calamity. The wide receiver position needed attention after ESD. It still hasn’t seen it.

“It’s not a coincidence he (Gattis) isn’t in the photo with Lee but TVD (who flew back) is. Couple that with what I got from a WR (who) committed elsewhere who was interested in Miami and you have a very odd situation going on. This is hurting us in the portal in ways we really cannot afford to be hurt.” -Leeds

Sports Talk

The Georgia Bulldogs throttled TCU enroute to becoming back-to-back national championships last night. The 65-7 final score was an embarrassment for multiple parties including the Big 12, the selection committee and Michigan. Michigan of course lost to TCU in the semi-final game. You had one job Wolverines.

Georgia’s 31 point lead over TCU at halftime was the largest halftime lead in any national championship game since Miami led Nebraska 34-0 in 2002. UGA however did not let their foot off the gas like the Hurricanes did that faithful night in Pasadena.

Georgia under Kirby Smart have built a powerhouse off the backs of some major recruiting wins. Consider the class rankings:

  • First-2018
  • Second-2019
  • First-2020
  • Third-2021
  • Third-2022
  • Second-2023

Although supplementing their talent through sprinkled variety via the portal, the Bulldogs are consistent. They have taken over college football and done so with superior talent acquisition via its high school recruiting. Can coach Cristobal do something similar? In his first full season, the Hurricanes amassed a top 5 class.

“Miami is at least 4-5 recruiting classes, an OC, a DC and a 25 year old QB away from being UGA.”

“I would very much like to punch Stetson Bennett in the face. He’s 25, so it’s acceptable.”

“Gimmicky offense got shut down.”-Toast

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