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Good morning sunshine. This is your Wednesday morning wake up call. We will check in on a couple former Miami Hurricane quarterbacks this morning and see where the wind takes us from there. Should we head on down to Greentree? I think we should. #LETSGO! Wake up!

the Greentree

The Carolina Panthers have requested to interview Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey for their vacant head coaching job. Dorsey was the Hurricanes quarterback from 1999-2002. Dorsey was the BIG EAST 2022 Offensive Player of the Year and shared the award with teammate Willis McGahee.

The name Dorsey became a polarizing topic this past offseason when it seemingly divided the Hurricane fan base. On one side fans didn’t want to take a chance on a first time OC. The other side just stuck to their proverbial guns and declared it’s Ken bleeping Dorsey.

Dorsey has shattered the expectations this year and the Buffalo Bills are in a prime position to make a deep playoff run. Dorsey will join Detroit’s Ben Johnson, Giant’s Mike Kafka, Philadelphia’s Shane Steichen, and Jim Caldwell as names being interviewed for the Panther’s gig.

“Remember Canes fans said he would take a step back to be a college OC.”

“Don’t need Dorsey when we can get Kingsbury.”

Former Miami Hurricane commit Jaden Rashada has yet to enroll at Florida. Despite being part of the early signing class, Rashada has yet to move in according to reports. Rashada was the Gators number one committed and signed target. But the saga continues.

Rumors from the Gator message boards are rampant. Did the Gator collective’s check bounce? Is the Rashada hold up simply an issue with transcripts? Or did a representative from the NIL side of things require more of a cut? Regardless of the speculation, Rashada hasn’t enrolled and Canes fans are smiling.

Former Miami Hurricane quarterback and valued OBB alumni Malik Rosier was rather unapologetic when it came to his opinion on the matter. “No cap, think (the) guys a great player but too much drama. I’m glad we didn’t get him.” 

“I’m really hoping Rashada’s check bounced.”

Recruiting Central

UCF transfer center Matt Lee signed with the Miami Hurricanes and the simple question was asked in the channel.

“Is the center we got just another guy?”

“LMAO no. AAC guys were shocked when he wasn’t first team All-AAC again. He was second this season. He’s been UCF’s starting center since he arrived on campus. Was first team all-AAC as a freshman. Lee was the the nation’s third-highest graded center in the country this past fall.”

“According to the folks at Pro Football Focus, his 90.6 pass blocking grade signifies that the Hurricanes are getting some much-needed help from the ball handler up front. And his 80.6 run blocking grade show that he’s physical in that regard as well. So no, he’s not just another guy.” -Leeds

X's and Ro

“Is anyone else concerned if FSU has another good year and Miami has another lack luster year that it starts to put some real distance between programs? I feel like we are in the era of win now or suffer, like TAMU.”

Just think the narrative can flip at a moments notice. It wasn’t too long ago 52-10 happened and FSU stood for five and seven university. They had a good year last year. Won some close ones too. I think they have found success recruiting 15 range and relying heavily in the portal.

I don’t how that’s going to hold up when they have to play a team like Georgia or Bama. It just seems to me that’s not the way to build a dynasty. We did it with recruited talent in 2001. Had the greatest talent the world has ever known.

UGA recruited 1st 2nd 3rd 3nd 1st & 2nd in the Kirby era. You see the result. Can FSU just portal their way beyond that it remains to be seen. So with that aside I think that’s independent. FSU has had one good year in seven. Cause to take notice? Sure. I’ll give them respect for that. But it’s only one good recent season.

But remember, we had one good season with Mark Richt too. The key is you have to sustain it. As for the Miami side of things. Yeah a 5-7 season again and you run the risk of Jimbo and TAMU. But I don’t want to lump that all together. Have to see how Mario responds first.

What I think is fair to say, you will see Miami lose kids in the portal every year. But they will gain in the portal too. If Miami loses 10 players a year (this year more because of him purging roster) that’s around 12% of the scholarship roster. I think that’s the new normal.

The portal can always be the equalizer in years with greater attrition. (Look at FSU above) I think Miami did a good job keeping what they wanted to keep and losing very few they didn’t want to lose.

That’s another thing about Mario I think that doesn’t get enough credit. He recruited top 5 after 5-7 and he recruited guys on his roster like Kam, TVD and Mesidor to stay back. I don’t see him getting to a point like you saw with TAMU did until he has strong rumors of getting fired. Which he isn’t anytime soon.

In the end FSU is FSU we aren’t TAMU and it’ll come down to Mario nailing the next offensive coordinator. If the Miami Hurricanes can recruit like UGA (they did this season) and play offense like TCU, I think they will be ok. The biggest question I have is if we can play offense like TCU.

Miami Head Coach Mario Cristobal during UNC game in 2022.

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