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Wake up Sunshine. This is your FRIDAY morning wake up call from your beloved OBB. The ACC posterchild reminded everyone who was boss and the NCAA is set to make a change to its transfer policy. Should we head on over to the Greentree? #LETSGO.

the Greentree

Despite winning 11 games last year, the Clemson Tigers are set to bring in TCU’s Offensive Coordinator Garrett Riley. TCU’s offense under Riley averaged 38.8 points per game and was the catalyst for their Cinderella season. Respectively, Clemson offensively averaged 33.2 PPG last year.

Will Clemson break the Broyles Award winning curse? The Miami Hurricanes were 97th nationally averaging a meager 23.6 PPG under Josh Gattis last season. That is why many Hurricanes fans are noticeably upset this morning. Inaction has lead to reaction.

Clemson had an average point total that Miami would have sold one of Alex Mirabal’s limbs for. Yet still no change. The reality is, both teams are autonomous and every situation is unique onto their own. Both ACC schools however have decided their offense needs to improve. One by luxurious principal and one in desperate necessity.

“Who is left realistically at OC?”

“These guys are playing for their future at this point. NIL is nice to college guys but they want a definite plan laid out for them by their potential OC.”

“Poo on this staff man.”

The NCAA has tightened up their transfer rules in regards to players who have already transferred once. The NCAA’s Division I council updated its guidelines for the 2023-24 school year. In a move that is considered to be long overdue, players must prove even up to “exigent circumstances” in order to transfer again.

According to the counsel, players must prove conditions such as physical injury, illness or mental health conditions or in extreme cases, cases involving physical and sexual abuse.

All other guidelines will no longer be used for waiver requests to compete during championship seasons that first occur in 2023-24. The Council agreed that athletics reasons (lack of playing time, position presence) and academic preferences should not warrant waiver relief.” the NCAA said in a release.

Will the NCAA be able to enforce its own policy remains to be seen. The 4 letter organization has stood idly by unable to enforce effective governance after state legislation has imparted legal compensation for players. Loopholes and creative legal writing seem content to follow in this wild wild west.

“Darrell Jackson would still be a Hurricane if this was the case.” -Ro

Hard Woodies

Shout out to the women’s basketball team after they defeated Georgia Tech 69-60 yesterday on the road. This was the fourth win in a row for the lady Canes who now improve to 11-6 and 4-2 in conference play.

“Georgia Tech is a fantastic defensive team. In the second quarter, I thought we looked like an Elite Eight team. We looked as good as we have all year,” head coach Katie Meier said. “We came out of halftime expecting them to be hot again and they were. Georgia Tech is going to start getting some wins so this is a great win for us.”

Although the Hurricanes were outscored 20-14 in the final 10 minutes, Haley Cavinder had seven late-game free throws to ice the game. The Lady Canes shot an even 50% from the field and had a 29.4% efficacy from three.

The Hurricanes are back at home this Sunday to host the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at 2 p.m.

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