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Wake up sunshine. This is your official Friday morning wake up call from your always faithful OBB. A recruiting saga finally comes to a close and the Hurricanes whiff on their number one commit in 2023. Let’s head on over to the Greentree shall we. #LETSGO! WAKE UP!

the Greentree

Cormani McClain finally made it official. After not signing on ESD like he initially intended, the Lakeland high school product finally decommitted. This should be considered a big recruiting win for Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffalos despite the theatrical optics.

Coach Prime emphatically declared “game over” in a video after flipping the 2023 No 1 cornerback. McClain has been committed to the Hurricanes since October and even then it was a surprise. Industry insiders claimed McClain was a surefire commit to the Florida Gators.

This would be the second number one cornerback in consecutive years to commit to coach Sanders. Travis Hunter committed to Jackson State in 2022 and was the highest ranked CB recruit ever.

In retrospect, the local breaking news report stating McClain will sign with the Miami Hurricanes the day after ESD was premature. The claim was abhorrently false. It goes again as a reminder that recruiting is fluid and no one knows what is fully going on in the brains of teenagers.

Mario Cristobal put up a valiant effort but at the end of the day McClain will not sign with the Hurricanes. The 2023 class is still peppered with immense talent however Cristobal’s sterling recruiting reputation tarnishes slightly. This was the equivalent of a recruiting playoff game and the Hurricanes lost.

With the subtraction of McClain, the Hurricanes class falls outside the top five and currently ranks 7th in the composite ranking.

“Yea. We dodged a bullet.”

“He will transfer at least two times before his eligibility is up.”

“Glad that’s finally over.”

Jake Garcia was not in the portal long. Garcia has committed to the Missouri Tigers and is expected to enroll at Missouri by the end of the week. Garcia should be a welcomed addition to the Tigers. Under the familiar name of Blake Baker, Missouri had one on the best defenses in the country. Offense not so much.

QB Brady Cook threw 14 TD versus 7 INT, 2739 yards and held a 64.8 completion percentage. The 6-2 Saint Louis, MO native recently underwent surgery on his right throwing shoulder and will miss spring practices. Enter Garcia who will look to bolster the quarterback room and battle for the starting job.

The former Miami QB was a top 25 recruit and landed offers from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Ohio State. This is the second Netflix documentary followed quarterback who did not pan out for the Hurricanes. Tate Martell was the first.

“The curse of the Scoop Martell had nothing to do with Jake Garcia.”

“But TVD certainly did.”

Jaden Rashada has been released from his NLI at Florida. The report was that Rashada was promised 13 million by the Gator Collective but shortly after signing, they informed him the funds were not available.

The one-time former Miami commit is now back on the open market and we do not expect a Hurricane reunion. The Gators actually appear wise to release Rashada from his national letter of intent. On3 publication does NIL valuations and Rashada stands in at 450K. The numbers simply didn’t add up.

MANAGING EDITOR OPINION. The California native is simply not worth the asking price. And not even close. He is a very good prospect but I wouldn’t even tag him as a FIVE ORANGE prospect. He can factor well in a vertical passing game but he isn’t this stud athlete who can chunk up defenses with his legs.

I felt the hype mainly surrounded him based on the 7 on 7 circuit. When he is in the pocket and can make throws it is pretty to watch. But the game is more than picking a football off a table and counting to 5 seconds. There will always be variables. Also, I felt the gap between him and Nico Iamaleava was cavernous.

Rashada had 32 touchdowns but he also threw an alarming 13 interceptions his senior campaign. Generational quarterbacks are obviously in a class to themselves. Unicorns can have lofty asking prices. But Rashada does not have that fabled horn on his helmet.


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