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Wake up sunshine. This is your Monday morning wake up call from your always noteworthy OBB. We have some weekend news to cover so why not head on over to Greentree shall we? #LETS-GO Wake Up!

the Greentree

Bethune Cookman University decided not to ratify the contract of Ed Reed. Despite being named Head Coach this past month, the contract breakdown led to an official statement from Reed.

“However, after weeks of negotiations I’ve been informed that the University won’t be ratifying my contract and won’t make good on the agreement we had in principle, which had provisions and resources best needed to support the student athletes.”

This decision from Bethune Cookman came shortly off the backs of an expletive filled tirade on social media from Reed. The brunt of Reed’s frustration was centered around the deplorable conditions of the football program. Reed exclaimed, “They didn’t even clean my office when I got here!”

The Bethune Cookman Wildcats were 2-9 last season and desired a change in direction. That new direction will not include Ed Reed. The Hurricanes will play the Wildcats again next season after defeating them 70-13 this past season. The Hurricanes lead the all-time series 6-0 over the FCS Wildcats.

“I think him going off expecting more is what did him in.”

“I mean, probably for the best. He didn’t know what he was getting into.”

Recruiting Central

The University of Miami hosted its “Elite Prospect Day” on Saturday and the overall tone has been extremely positive. So what was some of the news from the weekend?

“It’s exactly what you would expect out of this staff. We made a ton of positive moves and became favorites for a number of high profile recruits in the ’24, ’25 and even ’26 class. The smoke with Trader is real but I don’t think he pops this early. We are setting ourselves up nicely to add the same amount of talent and even more to places like S, LB and DL than we had in 23’s class.”

“And though it’s nothing of note, (Julian) Sayin was legitimately very impressed and wants to see where the offense goes but he is no way a Bama lock and Miami is gaining ground. Miami isn’t worried about going after the top QBs right now, those are going to be drawn-out battles but of course we will work on both.”

“Sayin is still a long shot but if we get Trader and say, Wingo or Bennett? Then we might have something going there. This weekend was a good step with him but I would say Noland and Van Buren are the two to keep and eye on.” -Leeds

“I trust us to keep stacking classes. As these relationships build.”

Sports Talk (politics)

Former Colts head coach and current NBC football analyst Tony Dungy is under fire. Dungy recently spoke at a March for Life event and his stance has drawn criticism. Former ESPN employee Keith Olberman outright called for NBC to fire the former Super Bowl Winning head coach.

Further creating divide, Dungy had an insensitive tweet in response to a Minnesota state bill considering putting menstrual products in boys’ school bathrooms. “That’s nothing,” “Some school districts are putting litter boxes in the school bathrooms for students who identify as cats. Very important to address every student’s needs.”

MANAGING EDITOR OPINION. Tony Dungy can be perceivably insensitive on a topic. But the outright demonstrative labeling of him as a religious bigot and demanding him fired defeats purpose. People have freedoms in this country. Dungy’s beliefs have been well known in regards to his pro-life and traditional marriage stance.

Dungy is free to hold, share his beliefs and should be allowed to. But did Dungy offend individuals in the LGBTQ community with his tweet’s insinuation and tone? Absolutely. His faith demands compassion yet his tweet sounded far from it. He will have to now take ownership of that.

But when did we forget humans aren’t perfect? When did we decide to erase every single good deed simply based on contrasting and polarizing ideologies? It is not wrong, it is different. I can not begin to explain how radically my world view changed when I first heard that phrase.

But that’s not what we do as people these days. There is no compassion for what is different. Dungy initially didn’t show it with his tweet and talking heads like Olberman become vicious ideologue lap dogs wanting to bite him. It is a cycle that perpetuates. Someone has to be wrong. They just have to.

That cycle will end when the most mature among us decide to stop it. Dungy has been an advocate along with his wife Lauren in foster care and adoptions. On the NBC Today Show in August of 2022 they admitted to fostering over 100 children.

“We love children. Children are our passion, and we just believe that we can pour into them and just help them, guide them through life,” Lauren Dungy said. Do you see how things need context? Does he seem like a James Bond Villain now? I personally don’t think so.

If we try to erase everything he is over an insensitive tweet I feel you lose his bigger picture. He is a nice man. He has done some really compassionate and nice things over the years. But he had a moment where he wasn’t perfect. He had a moment where he was insensitive. Forgive him or crucify him that’s your choice.

His Christian world views do not offend me. I happen to believe in many of them. The right for elected lawmakers to listen to constituents and propose laws that would benefit LGBTQ communities as inalienable rights don’t either. Because it isn’t wrong, it is different. Plus I am in no position to throw the first stone.

Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated reported Friday that Dungy will be on air for NBC’s broadcast of the Saturday matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars. Dungy will serve in his usual Sunday Night Football studio role alongside Maria Taylor and Jason Garrett. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Eastern. -Athlon Sports

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  1. SDCaneFan January 23, 2023 at 1:51 pm

    I’m so offended I will not be returning to this website … until tomorrow (and Discord doesn’t count right?).

  2. Toast January 23, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    If you do not want to be labeled a ‘religious bigot’ then don’t be one. Pretty simple choice.

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