OBB: The Wake Up (1/27)

Wake up sunshine. This is your Friday morning wake up call from your politely standoffish OBB. The weekend is upon us friends. Gattis has finally been fired and we recently witnessed a Scoop strike. Who is going to say LETSGO? Greentree here we come. Wake up!

the Greentree

Now the recruits are saying it. Chance Robinson is the 2024 Four Orange wide receiver from St Thomas Aquinas who wasn’t cryptic. The recent state champion simply stated, “I’m sure they’ll bring in a nice OC.” This of course is in relation to former offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.

And how about Phoenix, Arizona QB Luke Moga. The Class of 2024 prospect took a recent visit to Miami and had this to say with ON3’s Canesport. “Coach Cristobal is trying to get his new offensive coordinator, is still searching for his offensive coordinator and said that should come in the next week or so.”

Apparently the recruits are being sold on a new direction. One in which doesn’t include Gattis. But why the deliberation? In the most recent episode of the Orange Bowl Boys, Toast lambasted the program for failing to act expeditiously. This is the Miami of old. The one we witnessed the last 20 years, he clamored.

“Scoop walked off.”

“What did you do?”

“I’m guessing it was to go celebrate Scoop Martell’s 25th birthday.”

X's and Ro

(BREAKING) Josh Gattis is no longer employed by the University of Miami. In a press release from the University, “Josh Gattis has been relieved of his duties as offensive coordinator Miami head football coach Mario Cristobal announced Friday.”

Gattis never delivered on his Broyles Award winning ways. His on the field production was nothing less than fraudulent leading Miami to the worst scoring average this decade. The Hurricanes were 97th in the country with a 23.6 PPG scoring average in 2022. The Hurricanes will look to replace him in the next coming weeks.

Gattis was not involved in recruiting down the back stretch and it showed. The up in the air nature of his dismissal led to some doubts especially in terms of wide receiver recruits. Now that the doubt is gone, a direction is needed to solidify the Hurricanes as major players offensively.

Mario Cristobal is widely known for an intensive coach vetting process. But when the process seemingly spilled over to the dismissal side of things, it isn’t impervious to cost. I’m fully confident the Hurricanes will bolster the WR room via the portal. The Hurricanes have yet to do so.

“It’s about damn time.”

“Let’s go!”

“I was so excited I couldn’t get my words out.”

The direction is now going to shift on who the new offensive coordinator will be. Join Discord-U today and be part of the up-to-date conversations regarding where Mario goes from here. And feel free giving us your top choices for OC while you are at it.

Join the discussion today and be part of Discord-U. The OBB Legend is its exclusive home and we will put a welcome mat out for you. (Quotes were provided from Discord-U) #staydangerous #BANG. Wake up!

“Today is a good day.”

“Anyone wanna grab a beer later? I feel like it’s worth the celebration.”

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