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Wake up sunshine. This is your Monday morning wake up call from your tri-polar OBB. An OC search is in full swing and we try to avoid the Monday morning blues. The Greentree is calling so #LETSGO! Wake up!

the Greentree

Now that Josh Gattis is no longer employed by the University of Miami, the Hurricanes are focusing on replacements. The Miami offense needs a jolt. The Canes look to rebound from an abysmal year which was highlighted by offensive inefficiency. So who are a potential set of names to kickstart the O?

the Long Shots

Ken Dorsey. Dorsey recently took his Buffalo Bills into a deep playoff run. There are also rumors of him being in line for head coaching positions in the NFL. As much as it would excite Hurricane fans to have the Miami career record holder for passing yards and touchdowns, Dorsey seems comfortable in the NFL.

Kliff Kingsbury. The air raid acolyte would be the absolute home run hire for the Hurricanes. The former Arizona Cardinal head coach was just relieved of his duties and now is on sabbatical overseas. After cutting his teeth in the NFL, Kingsbury would no doubt kill it on the college level. Kings coaching availability next season is speculative at best.

Joe Brady is from Pembroke Pines. You could throw a stone to Hard Rock Stadium from there. Brady was the first name to surface prior to Gattis last cycle and can we remind ourselves how special the 2019 LSU offense was? Joe Burrow threw the rock enroute to winning the Heisman trophy and the Tigers averaged 48.8 PPG. Brady is another guy who seems content on staying in the NFL.

Byron Leftwich. 2021 was a great season for Leftwich as he averaged 30.1 points per contest. That was the team’s second consecutive season ranking in the NFL’s top 3. But one year later he is looking for a job. The former Buc’s OC is rumored to be applying for some AFC gigs. Worth a shot, plus watching him being carried by his Marshall teammates down the field is still one of the coolest moments in sports.

“Kenny is the GOAT but that ship has sailed.”

“Kliff is overseas getting endless massages from Mei.”

the Ro Wish List

Dan Mullen. The former Florida head coach was recently spotted in the Gables and would be an idealistic fit. Mullen led the Gator offense to a 30.7 PPG average in his final season as play caller. He also has a sterling reputation developing quarterbacks. And let’s not forget he also won a national championship as a play-caller. True. Mullen isn’t great at recruiting and once wore a Darth Vader mask to a press conference. The dark side is strong in him.

Scott Frost. The Nebraska Cornhuskers couldn’t wait to relieve him of his duties as head coach. I would too after a 16-31 stint. Frost is still considered a strong offensive mind and has coached in Florida. He knows the landscape. Frost was also a very good OC during his tenure at Oregon. Is there some off the field concerns? Potentially. However, Frost would bring an up-tempo offense that would undoubtedly score points.

Warren Ruggiero. All Ruggiero does is score points. In 2021, his Wake Forest offense scored 42.9 points a game. In 2022, it led the ACC in scoring with 36.1. People think the delayed mesh is gimmicky, people also thought Dennis Erickson’s single back offense was gimmicky too.

“Mullens wife is a kisser and a hugger.”

the Tempered Expectations

Kevin Johns. Johns joined the Duke Blue Devil program in January 2022. He has over 10 years of experience as an offensive coordinator and served three season as the OC/Quarterbacks coach at the University of Memphis. Johns has interest in the position and it also bodes well that he has worked with quarterbacks.

James Coley. Coley has been relieved of offensive coordinator duties twice in recent recollection. Once after a halfback pass in the snow and more recently at UGA where he lasted one season in that role. Coley would be a welcomed addition as a CO-OC and this should realistically be a move the Hurricanes try to make. His recruiting prowess is well established.

Tee Martin. In 2017, Martin was the USC OC for Josh Darnold who became USC’s first-ever 4,000-yard passer. His running back Ronald Jones had 1,584 yards and his wide receiver Deontay Burnett had 1,114 receiving yards on 86 catches. Tee’s son is currently on the Miami Hurricanes baseball roster.

Brian Hartline. This name was surfacing on Miami’s radar prior to the dismissal of Gattis. Arguably the best recruiter in the country in terms of wide receivers, you knew Hartline was in line to become a full fledged OC. And that is exactly what the Buckeyes did when they promoted him. But Mario might not be in a position to trust a first time play-caller. Not yet anyways.

Marcus Arroyo. This candidate has the most familiarity with Mario and might be considered the safe pick. Arroyo was recently dismissed at UNLV after earning the head coaching spot with the Rebels. Mario and the Ducks won a PAC championship with Arroyo at the offensive helm. Arroyo is also a quarterback coach by trade and that should be considered a valued commodity this search.

“Please. I don’t want Arroyo.”

“Why? He did great at Oregon?”

Hard Woodies

The Miami Hurricanes took another bad loss on the road when they were defeated 71-68 by the Pitt Panthers. Jamarius Burton was huge for Pitt as the guard had 19 points and 10 rebounds to solidify his double-double. Jordan Miller had a good game for the Canes going 7-9 from the field and adding 18 points.

The Hurricanes simply blew the cash. Pitt went on an 11-0 scoring run to close out the win. The Panthers trailed from the 8:01 mark in the first half and finally regained the lead with just 31 seconds left in the second. The Hurricanes were ranked No. 20 and Pitt was unranked.

“At the end of games Canes are getting BULLIED and just look lethargic at times.”

“It’s a staple of coach L, get a lead and dwindle down in the second.”

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