OBB: The Wake Up (2/8)

Wake up sunshine. This is your Wednesday morning wake up call from your tribunal of truth the OBB. The Hurricanes have defied odds and made a prompt coordinator hire and a Cane wants out of his LOI. The Greentree awaits like a devouring lion. #LETSGO! Wake Up!

the Greentree

Tulane defensive coordinator Lance Guidry has been announced as the next Miami Hurricanes DC. Guidry is set to take over the realms from Kevin Steele who is now on his third stint with Alabama. Despite being hired by Tulane last month, Guidry spent the entire 2022 season at Marshall.

Under Guidry, Marshall’s defense was stellar. It ranked in the top five in six FBS categories to include:

  • Third-Down Defense (1st)
  • Stop Rate (2nd)
  • Passing Defense Efficiency (3rd)
  • Yards Per Play (3rd)
  • Rush Defense (5th)
  • Turnovers Gained (5th)

Marshall also finished sixth in scoring defense and interceptions and finished eighth overall in total defense. The Miami Hurricanes will owe 500,000 in buyout money to Tulane a source told ESPN’s Pete Thamel.

Guidry is by trade a safeties and defensive back coach and will inherent All-American Kam Kinchens. This will be the most talented roster Guidry will have ever had the pleasure to work with. The Miami Hurricanes finished seventh this year in the composite recruiting rankings and the portal is still a viable option.

Despite never coordinating at the Power 5 level, there are plenty examples of group of five coaches who have emerged from the ranks. The 51 year old served as head coach for his alma mater McNeese State from 2016 to 2018. And prior to Marshall, Guidry joined Willie Taggart’s FAU staff as a safeties coach.

Mario Cristobal now has his second defensive coordinator in as many years at Miami. The contrast from the journeyman and FBS tenured Steele to a first time P5 play-caller in Guidry is stark. However, if the numbers speak for themselves, Guidry is a formidable hire.

“Aggression to the max. It’s like a Manny defense that knows where it’s vulnerable on each play.”

“Guidry clearly does more with less.”

“Only Guidry I know of is Ron.”

X's and Ro (Roffer's Rundown)

Dove into Guidry and this is what really shows up.

Aggression to the max. It’s like a Manny defense that knows where it’s vulnerable on each play and tries to defend that first. In that respect, it’s like a havoc with guard rails defense.

They do play a ton of single high safety, but rotate it into cover-3 or have a Robber in cover-1 over the middle of field.

Run a ton of the simulated pressure stuff that you see from Georgia. Only they bring five much more often than Georgia does.

They flood zones a ton on defense and leave CB’s outside to take flats and boundary deep. They really like to jump hitches and are aggressive on the ball. Really smart with rotations and taking deepest to shallow.

Smart on the DL and are great at replacing loopers. Marshall was very small on defense. I wouldn’t expect Guidry to run the exact same thing here, but Marshall ran games up front on most plays and pretty much every 3rd & long. There was no sitting back and dropping eight on this defense.

Your DB’s had better tackle in this defense. You won’t play if you don’t tackle.

They love to blitz their nickel. It’s not a thing, it’s a staple.

Cons I saw: It’s not a simple defense. You had better do your job or you risk a big play. Steele was a very plug and play scheme. You can put that scheme in within a month. Guidry will take some teaching.

They ask a ton of their SS & their nickel/Star DB. This is a defense that will be led in tackles by their SS in most games. They also have a need for a big nickel/Lb/SS hybrid player who will tackle, rush the passer, use his length on RPO game.

Honestly, this defense was made for a player like James Williams if he will embrace a move forward and not a traditional S role. Kinchens should eat in this defense.

Upfront, Marshall was so vastly different than Miami from a size standpoint, you can’t just assume they will do the same things. But if they were to stand up players as often and use lighter edges, you could see…

“Lance Roffers has big calves.”

“Yeah but he has a big brain too.”

Four Orange prospect Antione Jackson has requested to be released from his Miami NLI. Jackson confirmed on Twitter (since deleted) by quoting a report from On3.com. The 6 foot 170 pound Dillard Panther high school product had overtures from both East Carolina and Colorado before signing with the Canes.

Jackson was a first-team All-Broward County selection by the Miami Herald and was initially a 2024 recruit. He was able to reclassify into the 2023 class however was not set to be an early enrollee.

There was hesitation on Early Signing Day with Jackson who initially looked like he was on decommitment watch. The breakup is now complete. The Hurricanes overall recruit class ranking will not drop despite the request by Jackson to leave the program. We expect that request to be granted.

“Maybe the new DC can convince him to stay but it sounds like he wants to go be with his girlfriend.”

“We need CB’s man. Cormani and now this.”

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