OBB: The Wake Up (02/9)

Wake up sunshine. This is your Thursday morning wake up call from your mighty morphing OBB. The Greentree might be slow but that didn’t stop a rival from slowing their roll. And Butch Barry? #LETSGO! Wake up!

the Greentree

The Hurricanes are still without an offensive coordinator as Mario Cristobal has taken the Batman approach. The silence and shadows are his home. Recently hired defensive coordinator Lance Guidry was a name that wasn’t appearing on anyone’s radar. Then Bang!

One name that could potentially make sense for OC is current Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Coach Brian Johnson. Sources expect Johnson to travel to South Bend the week after the Super Bowl to interview with Notre Dame.

Although Johnson would later decline the notion through the Philadelphia inquirer, Nick Saban was not going to Alabama either. Or are the Hurricanes the move? The Cristobal delay could potentially revolve around the notion of waiting for Johnson to finish his Eagle’s commitment.

At this juncture, it is hard to believe with spring ball set for March 4th that Cristobal hasn’t zeroed in on his guy. The secrecy will eventually end and the Hurricanes will embark on improving an offense that was woefully inept a season ago.

“Everyone knows spring ball is in like 3 weeks right?”

Typically, you won’t see someone sign an extension when their overall record is 18-16. But that is exactly what rival FSU did with head coach Mike Norvell. After his first bowl eligible season in three years, Florida State announced a contract extension through 2029. Norvell is set to average 8.05 million per year.

The contract is extended through 2029 and it makes Norvell amongst the highest paid in the ACC. This of course comes off the heals of a 10-win campaign in 2022. Norvell’s previous salary was 4.5 million so he essentially doubled his earning potential.

This was the Seminoles first double digit win total since 2016. 2022 culminated with a 35-32 Cheez-It Bowl victory over Oklahoma. The “Transfer King” landed the number 2 transfer class in the in the nation however Norvell has never landed a top 10 recruiting class during his Seminole tenure.

“No F@#king way!”


“I guess replacing the rusty toilets will have to wait.”

OBB Fins

The Miami Dolphins hired a familiar name. Butch Barry is set to coach to Fins offensive line and Miami Hurricane fans are familiar with the one year wonder. Barry was the offensive line coach for the Hurricanes when Dan Enos was the offensive coordinator.

That was the year the Miami Hurricanes set records. And not the good kind. In 2019, the Hurricanes allowed 51 sacks and ended up third last in the country. Compound that with the fact the Denver Broncos players applauded during a team meeting upon learning he was fired last season. Not good.

“Wow. They apparently want Tua to medically retire.”

“Why do these shit coaches keep getting jobs.”

“Ooof. Not the guy I would’ve taken.”

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