Student of the Game: Lance Guidry

The Miami Hurricanes recently hired Lance Guidry to the role of defensive coordinator. Despite being hired by Tulane last month, Guidry spent the entire 2022 season at Marshall. He shined. In this Student of the Game Lance Guidry edition, we take a look at some of the defensive principles the new Hurricane DC employs.

Under Guidry, Marshall’s defense was stellar. It ranked in the top five in six FBS categories to include:

  • Third-Down Defense (1st)
    Stop Rate (2nd)
    Passing Defense Efficiency (3rd)
    Yards Per Play (3rd)
    Rush Defense (5th)
    Turnovers Gained (5th)

Innovative is a word that can describe Guidry’s defense. The first thing you will notice is the amount of stand-up defenders along the line of scrimmage. Stats-by-Scoop confirmed that 69% of the time in 2022, Marshall’s defense had only two down linemen.

The unique advantage of this style of defense is the stand-up defenders. They can play the pass enroute to the run. With the vantage point of having their eyes on the quarterback, the quick pass and RPO elements can be combated effectively.

Guidry is also not afraid to be super aggressive and on this 4th and 4 you will see a cover zero blitz. Note no safeties and man coverage across the board. All eleven defenders were within five yards of the line of scrimmage. The Miami secondary will need to up their coverage skills because this could be boom or bust.

On the most recent episode of the Orange Bowl Boys, I considered the cornerback position a neutral in the stock up/stock down segment. Simply because the corners will be routinely put in position to make plays. Whether they do so or not, is entirely up to them.

The amount of variance in coverage in this defense is immense. On the next clip you will see two corners and two safeties in zone coverage while the slot receivers are matched in man coverage. The confusion paralyzes the quarterback and the sack ensues.

This Student of the Game Lance Guidry edition was highlighted plenty by the pass coverage ability of the defense. It was uncanny how many times it noted more coverage defenders than pass catching options. Guidry consistently trapped you with geometry and simply out leveraged pass happy offenses with numbers.

So without further adieu, it is time for the first official Student of the Game covering the new Miami Hurricanes DC. This style of defense is havoc in the making and I fully expect an uptick in defensive production on that side of the ball. This was a very good hire.

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