OBB: The Wake Up (2/13)

Wake up Sunshine. This is your post Super Bowl Monday morning wake up call from your game winning OBB. The chicken wing and beer hangovers are probably fierce but the Greentree never misses a beat. #LETSGO! Wake up!

the Greentree

Even though we expect an announcement on the offensive coordinator position any second now, the Hurricanes have staff needs to fill. Frank Ponce has left to go back to Appalachian State and Charlie Strong is set to leave the program.

Depending on the new OC’s previous position coach qualifications, the dominoes should fall from there. Still someone to keep an eye on is multifaceted journeyman coach James Coley. He has coached tight ends, quarterbacks and wide receivers in his career. And his recruiting prowess is too good to pass up.

Despite reports Coley could be the OC here, we don’t believe that to be the case. However, the previous play caller could easily add the Co-OC tag to his name.

“Just make Coley the WR coach whoever you hire.”

“Hell, I’m pretty sure recruiting is the main reason most want Coley.”

X's and Ro

ICYMI, the Student of the Game Lance Guidry edition came out over the weekend and the overall review is positive. The new Miami Hurricanes defensive coordinator is set to bring a creative and aggressive style to the Gables. In terms of the defensive line, they will be responsible for several gap styles.

Stats by Scoop reported 69% of the time in 2022 Marshall’s defense featured two down linemen. There are times those two hands in the dirt dwellers will be responsible for playing a gap on either side of the offensive linemen. And other times they’ll be asked to penetrate.

The beauty is in the confusion. The defensive front will come at you in various styles and fronts. The staple might be having extra standup defenders at the LOS, but the mission is clear. Create chaos. This defensive front will mix between odd and even looks seamlessly and Marshall touted the fifth best rush defense last year.

“Guidry will outperform Kevin Steele next year in a big way.” -Ro

Sports Central

A star is born. Former Miami Hurricanes great Greg Olsen has been a standout relatively early in his broadcast career. Social media reviews are in and the consensus raved about Olsen and broadcast partner Kevin Burkhardt. Their timing and chemistry on Super Bowl 57 was impeccable.

Olsen also proved that he wasn’t afraid to criticize the officials. The Kansas City Chiefs would go on to win the Super Bowl but it was on the backs of a controversial holding call late in the game. “In this stage, I think you let them play.” “I don’t love that call Mike.”

A proud member of Tight End-U, Olsen had a great career in the NFL playing 14 years. The former Bear, Panther and Seahawk totaled 8,683 yards and caught 60 touchdowns. Olsen’s brightest career however, is in front of him. With one Super Bowl in the books, we expect many more.

“Tight End-U baby!”

“The Rock has movies and Olsen has broadcasting, Media-U.”

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