SOTG: Blake Cyr

The freshman from Windemere high school in on fire. Blake Cyr is the 5-11, 190-pound second baseman who made his Miami Hurricane debut in red carpet Hollywood style. Through five games the rook is batting .500 and leading the team in RBI’s and tied for the lead in home runs.

So what makes Cyr’s swing work? Student of the Game will break it down like no one else can. The first thing you will notice is how his load gathers onto his back leg as he counterrotates his pelvis. This pre-coil mechanic allows him to be in an ideal staging spot to unleash havoc on the baseball.

As he begins to swing you will see how connected he is. The bat travels close to the back shoulder and aligns with the philosophy of “short to the ball and long through it.” Along with timing, connection is a key to hitting velocity.

Then the X-factor. A key to unleashing optimal power onto the baseball is hip-torso separation. Once he initiates his swing, you will see the degree of his pelvis opens greater than his chest.

While maintaining ground forces, this is ideal. Power comes from the ground and it optimally goes through a proper kinetic chain that ends with the hands. The barrel can then hit the baseball with authority. Big muscles lead the smaller ones.

Lastly, I really love how much head discipline Cyr has. Do your damage in a door frame. His head stays back and it stays on the baseball. Once his foot lands and through his extension, Cyr’s head stays between his feet. This allows for an optimal viewing of the baseball and can help with pitch recognition.

Head coach Gino DiMare has a hot freshman hitter on his hands who we don’t think will exit the lineup anytime soon. This is a swing that can translate on any level and in all weather. Hollywood is here to stay.

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