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The Legend

South Florida –The OBB Legend will be an interactive Canes community that will cater to the core of the Miami Hurricanes fan base with original content derived in the forms of Editorials, Essays, Recruiting News, Game Previews, Game Recaps, and Videos that will tie to the X’s and O’s culture like nowhere else in the current landscape. “The development of The Legend was a no-brainer, considering the continued growth and reach of the OBB Brand within
the Miami Hurricanes community. The ability of the Orange Bowl Boys, and it’s newly acquired talent, to provide unique and cutting-edge content to the Canes fanbase is an opportunity that we simply couldn’t pass up. The evolution of the OBB Brand is something that the 3 of us are immensely proud of and cannot wait to provide you with exclusive, top-tier access to all things Canes!” – Rusty Hanna.

The OBB Legend will also have moderated forums that will provide a 24/7 environment where all Canes fans can discuss the currency of all things Miami Hurricanes.

Frank’ Roman’ Marciante will serve as The OBB Legend’s Managing Editor and has assembled an all-star roster of writers and contributors to go along with himself and fellow OBB Legend founders Rusty’ Scoop’ Hanna and Greg’ Toast’ Lemega. The staff will be led by Lance Roffers, Jason Hudgins, Leeds and Marsh Thomas who will accompany a still-growing list of notable contributors to provide in-depth analysis of everything the Miami Hurricanes do. “The OBB Legend will provide fresh and invigorating Canes content at a fraction of what’s currently available on the paid market.” As managing editor, I believe the heart of the site will rally around the individual contributors who significantly represent the Hurricane fandom at its finest. And of course, you know when the Orange Bowl Boy’s flair is involved, things are bound to get interesting.” – Managing Editor Frank Marciante.

The OBB Legend will be a hybrid of free and premium content. All fan forums will be fully moderated and free to encourage robust discussion of all Canes topics. Access to most written and video pieces will require a subscription. Monthly subscriptions to The OBB Legend will be $5. “I think it’s pretty clear that the subscription model is the way to go in terms of delivering premium content to groups of fans. We’ve had tremendous success with our Club OBB model on Patreon, this is just expanding it.” – Greg Lemega.

OBB Media Inc. is a South Florida-based media company with its headquarters located in Coral Springs. Founded in
2019, OBB Media Inc. produces the Orange Bowl Boys Podcast, the most downloaded Miami Hurricanes podcast with
over 500,000 downloads through 2021. For real-time updates on our future projects, events, initiatives, and launches,
follow us on Twitter @OBBLegend and @OrangeBowlBoys

Media Contact: For all press inquiries and requests, Greg Lemega, OBB Media Inc. can be reached at (954) 734-0921 or

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