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Discord Server

If you want to be able to talk Canes with fellow Canes 24/7, then you need to get into our Discord Server. Below is just a taste as you get a peek inside our Greentree Channel for Canes football talk. There’s also a separate Recruiting Channel that has inside scoops and rumors about kids and their handlers.

We also have a channel for Canes Baseball, Basketball (M&W), Dolphins football and then a ton of random channels. We’ve got Movies, Gaming, Politics, Foodies, Music, Fishing, Gambling and tons more. Shoot, there’s even a ticket exchange so you can always find a Canes ticket for an upcoming game!

It’s another perk to being a Legendary Member, so if you’re not a member it may be time to sign up. If you are a Legendary Member, make sure to connect your Discord account in your profile.

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