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I was born at JMH too long ago but mostly grew up in Fort Lauderdale and then West Palm Beach area. The only Miami game I attended before turning 18 was an FAMU game because my Dad wanted to show us the FAMU band. I sort of got interested in Miami when Lou Saban took over because I thought, why shouldn’t Miami be a good team in this city. When Schnellenberger was hired and brought in Earl Morral to be QB coach I sensed a difference in the program. I started attending games, mostly spending 5 bucks to enter the EZ and move around after half time or using burger king coupons to go to games. Sounds crazy now but those were good times.

What Howard, Jimmy, Dennis and Butch did was recruit on an elite level at every position. They search far and wide for the best of the best. They kept the best players in the state as Canes but added huge gets from all over. Just look at the QBs from that era. Jim Kelly – PA. Bernie – Ohio. Vinnie – NY via VA. Erickson – WPB. Steve Walsh – MN. Ken Dorsey – CA. Mario doing same thing now.

I have seen the best of Miami football from 1983 through 2002. And in the last twenty years I have seen the worst of it as well. We have suffered through Shannon, Golden, Richt, and Diaz. You might say wow, he calling out Richt? Damn right. He didn’t recruit any offensive linemen and really left the cupboard bare.

I bleed orange and green. I watch every game I can even though I live in Virginia now. Two worst moments on my life, taking my family to watch Russell Wilson at NC State beat us in 2008 in Raleigh and taking a son to watch us lose to sorry Virginia in 2018. Best family moment for my family as Canes fans – watching the lateral play in 2015. That son who was with me in 2018 and I will be at the game in Virginia this year. In 2018 we sat on the 50 yard line on the Virginia sideline. This year we will be 45 yard line on the Miami sideline. Still will be mostly Virginia fans but we think this game will be a start to great things. The Mario era and I think great things are coming sooner than later.

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