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Reply To: Ro’s thoughts on the Bethune Cookman Game2022-09-03T22:04:55-04:00

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It was exactly what you would want looking at the scoreboard. Sure not letting them hit double-digits would’ve been nice for the eye test, but this was a dominating performance.

That said, we still saw many of the same issues on defense that we have been seeing for last few years. Missed tackles. Giving up far too many chunk plays. Stupid penalties. Mario will fix these issues, but six months of amazing coaching can’t fix all these guys. It’s gonna take time. That’s why I can’t embrace a double-digit win season like so many.

I’ll also note, the first depth chart is interesting. Definitely some talking points for us to get into during the next episode.

Q: Are you more or less worried about going to TAMU now?

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