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Reply To: Ro’s thoughts on the Bethune Cookman Game2022-09-04T18:54:53-04:00
Page Horton

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It was a pleasure watching the offense. It was a well oiled machine. We could of scored 100 on them. The defense was another story. Look I get broken play and a QB that gets loose. All well and good, but the fact guys where wide open and uncovered…at times it was pitch and catch football. The secondary did a really, really bad job yesterday. I can only hope this will be fixed. With that said, I saw a physical football team on the field. They ganged tackled and had a lot more discipline. A sign of much better coaching. Not sure how we fix our secondary issues. Its the same set of issues as last year. They constantly let receivers roam uncovered and they do a poor job of contain. We will see if in game 2 they can fix the issues. Unfortunately these are fundamental issues that are not fixed overnight. We will see. Great win, but really worried about this defense. A&M, UNC, UVA, Clemson have very good QBs that will feast on the defense.

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