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Was really hoping for more from the D. Very underwhelming. Our boy Neo missed a few tackles that resulted in chunk plays (one luckily called back). BCU did more to stop itself than we did to stop them. 7 False starts, pulling a hot QB, limp and cowardly playcalling … go for it on 4th and short … those 13 points could have been 21 in a flash.

I know we are all excited for the Mario era and all …. but clear eyes and all. A game like this is to find holes and fix them. I saw a lot that needs to be worked on … which I guess is a great thing for coaches … take a blowout win with lots of things to take to the next week of practice.

The play of the defense against BCU during the first quarter was horrible, not just bad. Missed tackles, wide open crossers, a clean pocket. There were a couple of stupid penalties that BCU made on huge plays for them that had no impact on the play. Their WR were open consistently, blown assignments …. IDK …. our ones had their hands full against an inferior team. Their coach, between switching out his hot QB … or playing ultra conservative … or their Oline not knowing the snap count….got us out of a lot of jams.

Our LB are slow, our CBs gave a step consistently, DL failed to get home and could not contain a mobile QB.

Offense was beautiful … that first deep pass by TBT to X over the corner on the outside was WOW. Dropping dimes. Guy was basically perfect, two throw aways, and one break up. Garcia was perfect even with guys pulling on him.

What I didn’t like was we are still looking for a WR1. Great grab by Redding! but we still are looking for someone outside X.

First time in years I haven’t been scared to death on every punt return. Keyshawn was amazing in KR!

I guess if you are a coach this is a perfect game. Blowout win … no major injuries … and lots of tape to work on. But damn … our defense has a lot more to work on than I thought going into the season.

GO Canes!

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