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Reply To: Ro’s thoughts on the Bethune Cookman Game2022-09-05T10:43:39-04:00

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Cant wait to check out the Breakdown. On that broken coverage play for the Touchdown, it appeared to me that we sent an OLB blitz and DBs were in man and asking ILB to cover the RB out the backfield when he wasnt even lined up with him would have been a very tough task to say the least and that is if he didnt have eyes on the QB and jump the back immediately. Seem to me to be a flaw and how that play lined up. I was cheering in the shade in Section 249 and it was amazing to be back at Hard Rock. My biggest take aways is that we most certainly will be a run first offense. When we face better opponents I think play action is really going to allow Tyler to shine. Might not have the incredible stats everyone is hoping for but he will definitely have him moments to shine if his Receivers produce. Our LBs are much slower than I anticipated. Now granted their QB was pretty damn fast and had wiggle and ya’ll know how we struggle getting a mobile QB down in open space. I think we are going to see more of that. #11 had him dead to rights on one play and flushed him out the pocket and then look like he ran into quicksand as #11 just widened the gap on him as if he stopped running. No dropped passes. That was amazing to see and X is definitely the man. Tackling was a bit suspect as the game started but got much better as the game wore on and the 3rd and 4th string guys were really impressive. Didn’t see much drop off in terms of tackling and not making mental mistakes. Also presnap penalties was night and day in this game compared to last year. Lots of things to improve upon but great first game.

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