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Based off What?2022-09-21T17:29:25-04:00
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    Roman Marciante
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    I made a comment online that this offense long term is going to be just fine. Based off what?

    Because these aren’t wholesale huge issues in comparison to previous years where something grossly plagued that side of the ball.

    I saw Enos ask offensive lineman to hold blocks in the 5-7 drop series repeatedly when the offensive line set a record for sacks given up. Richt ran 10 plays on repeat. Lashlee’s run game in short yardage situations was always off. (And reminder Lashlee had a sluggish start to the season last year) Coley was great on opening scripts and snoozed after.

    Gattis after three games?

    The offensive line game has picked up. Zero sacks and made the adjustment from the week before. Two of the first three games were sack-less. Communication was much much better. Blitzes got handled. It starts up front.

    Run Game diversification. I have asked for a very LONG time to have some wrinkles in the run game. One in which opposing teams are kept off balanced. This style does exactly that. Out of the gate Miami is running the ball for 219 yards a game. They ran for 137 yards per game last year.

    The passing concepts and RPO elements needed to take the next step aren’t hard to install. You add some post curl concepts, (especially against zone) instead of crossers…You get some post snap RPO elements where TVD has the ability to just keep teams even more honest. (He did this last year)

    Essentially you just find some things where TVD was comfortable doing last year, a handful because that’s all you need. This isn’t a complete overhaul.

    You can get shots in the passing game from Max protect looks. Very easy to do from the play action game currently installed and from more traditional sense. This can get you a few more big plays to get that side going.

    And finally, the WR running their routes at proper depth is correctable. The quarterbacks footwork on elongated plays and when rolling and not in rhythm are correctable.

    And finally finally, if a running back doesn’t trip on an ankle tackle, if a WR doesn’t trip over a guy he just juked out of his shoes and if the WR don’t drop 7 balls, this team is 3-0.

    After 3 games my honest opinion, this offense has another gear it can get too.

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      Seems like they could use this game to get the WR’s running technically correct routes and catch more balls in game situations, not just after practice from a machine. They might not cover the spread, but it will help when they open up against the ACC schedule.

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