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What to make of a close loss to TAM2022-09-18T08:41:02-04:00
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    I’m very conflicted. I mean we were driving on TAM

    Going into this season I thought we would have had to play a perfect game to have a chance … and could see this game turning into a blowout like Bama, LSU, FLA, every other SEC team we play that blows us out. THAT DIDN”T HAPPEN.

    If you told me we miss 2 field goals and score no TDs and still be in the game at the end … would I be OK with that? Thats a step forward for this program.

    My STARS:
    LT: STUD!
    Messador: All he does is make plays
    Flagg – I’ve been really hard on him and happy to see him start to be a consistent tackler.

    Flagg has become a different player. SO impressed with Coach Strong and the D in general. DB were fire and locked down their WRs all game long.

    Special teams looked like we hired Patke back. OMG … stud specialists but a hot mess of a unit. Between almost giving up a TD on kickoff, muffed punts, blocked kicks, lining up wrong, get this stuff figured out.

    Coaching: I was screaming at the TV when we were wasting time on the second to last drive. I felt like we wasted at least 2 minutes … 1st and 30 … we’re not going to convert .. save time! But it worked out? Got ball back with time for the final drive. Gotta get better in the RED ZONE. Real issues playcalling inside the 20. DId we throw into the end zone one time during the game? Sending TVD on runs off left tackle? Run, run run, kick? I just don’t understand. Do we have this little confidence in our WRs? … send a RB or TE in a pattern … damnit! I think my final view of the offense is that Gattis knows he’s got little in the WR room and is trying to compensate.

    What did I learn from this game? Players make plays. We muffed and lost … they muffed and got the ball back. We are a lot closer to a TAM team than we’ve been in years. Keep recruiting … keep grinding … we are on the right path.

    From a recruiting point of view this game has to be seen as a win. We showed we can hang … just need a few more dudes. If you’re a dude, wouldn’t you feel that we are just a stud away?

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